May 2018

Plein-Air Works on Paper

Finke River Series

I have recently returned from a working expedition to the Finke River region of the Northern Territory Australia.

 This country is marked and defined by its visible relationship to Deep Time, the Finke being one of the most ancient of the worlds existing river courses, much of which runs underground through fossilised reefs. These 10 works on paper, all made along the dry creek beds and gorges of the Finke River, form the beginning of my next major series of large paintings titled ZOOM. 

However they also stand alone as images in their own right .

They are all  30x30 and 30x35cm using polymer pigments and graphite on paper.

The large paintings following are part of a series titled ZOOM about the formation of this part of the earth 142million yrs ago, in particular Tnorala ( Gosses Bluff), a giant meteorite impact crater standing now in its vestigial form in a vast desert plain.

1. Waterhole

 3. Ellery Creek


2. Long Shadows

4. Pink Creekbed

5. Crater at Noon

 6. Ormiston Gorge

 7. Wall Ellery Creek

 8. Cycads and Gorge

 9. Finke at Glen Helen

 10. Red River Gums

ZOOM Paintings from the Finke 152x152cm

Catherine Cassidy_Night of the Central U

Night of the Central Uplift 

Catherine Cassidy_Shatter Cones and Firs

Shatter Cones and First Birds

Catherine Cassidy_Bedrock_synthetic poly


Catherine Cassidy_Oort Cloud1_synthetic

Oort Cloud1

Catherine_Cassidy_Oort Cloud2_synthetic

Oort Cloud2

ZOOM3. The Four Comets of The Tnorala Up

Four Comets of the Tnorala Uplift

ZOOM4. Embedding of The Shatter Cones 15

Embedding of the Shatter Cones

ZOOM6. Impact Zone  h195xw150cm July 201

Impact Zone

ZOOM8. Crater Wall H180xW122cm .jpg

Crater Wall

    © Catherine Cassidy | Artist