CATHERINE CASSIDY is a Sydney-based artist,

                                                  born in Ballarat, Victoria.Educated at Melbourne's RMIT

                                                  and at the National Art School Sydney.She was awarded

                                                  a Master of Fine Art in Painting in 2011 with a body of

                                                 work and thesis on a Re-Appraisal of Metonymy in

                                                 Contemporary Landscape Response. She has been

                                                 a finalist in many state and national awards including

                                                 the Paddington Art Prize, AGNSW Dobell Drawing Prize,

     NSW Parliament House Plein-Air Painting Prize, Mosman Art Prize,Portia Beach Portrait

     Award and the prestigious National Works on Paper Award 2014 when her work was

     acquired for the permanent collection of Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.

     Cassidy has held regular solo and group shows in Sydney and in 2017

     was invited by French artist Claire Colin-Collin to exhibit alongside 10 French

     contemporary abstractionists in Paris. The exhibtion,Subito Presto2, was hosted 

     by Progress Gallery Paris and highlighted 11 artists response to intuitive mark making.  

          "Catherine Cassidy's work has a bravura carried by its daubed

           and scribbled marks. Bold, dense,delicious.You can see the joy of her hand,

           the sure and deliberate erasures. She is brave, fearless, never afraid of

           clumsiness, prettiness, awkwardness or the wayward irreverence of childhood."  

              Claire Colin-Collin

              Subito Presto 2

              Paris November 2017 

           'I see my work as undeniably of this country but I also want it to come from

           another place, a place where I imagine all the original forms of the world must

           congregate, a giant meeting-place with things talking with each other.

          I want to go there when I paint and choose those things that step forward as 

          bright, new signifiers of landscape. So, although initially, I work intimately, plein-air, 

          in some very remote and challenging places, I see myself sitting in two worlds,

          I look one way and see  things as they appear, then another way and see them

          becoming something else, something that hasn't been seen yet.

          I like to work with big elemental things, light, air and space and I hope 

          my work will  become even more primal and inventive, to see how far back

          I can take natural forms without losing a necessary connection. 

          I like paint and its mad mistakes and in the end I'm just chasing the best, most

          communicative image I can make."


            Catherine Cassidy  

            May 2018


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 How To Park a Comet 2018  h180xw150cm

 Red Tree 2014  h122xw160cm

    © Catherine Cassidy | Artist