These workshops are designed to bring together 6 artists in a small intense one-day painting experience. 

There is much interaction, discussion and personal 

reference as we explore the inventive powers of memory and mark. We focus on how abstraction, especially when carried by emotional memory, can represent universal truths in 'seeing' the landscape. 

The workshops are also very much about experimentation, loosening of expectations and pre-conceptions and discovering

each artists true potential.


WHERE: At my studio 23 Coronation Avenue Cronulla

COST: An intense one-day workshop for

            6 artists only 9-4pm $250

 I also run one-on-one work shops for artists wanting a customised and intimate time to develop a body of work, discuss ideas, experiment or build portfolios.

          10-2pm $250, 9-4pm $350

MATERIALS: A4 Images of photos you have taken of simple

landscape forms. eg tree/shadow, rocks/pool.We do not work

from these images but initially they become catalysts for memory

and invention of form. They are then put away and artists are

encouraged to work on developing ideas that contain a

communicative  link to what they have seen. You will need acrylics preferably in pots for quick, easy access, large

brushes, strong paper, graphite/oilsticks, waterpot, plastic

bowls/knives, paint rags, painting clothes and your lunch.

Tea/coffee/artbooks and personal discussion available all day

.CONTACT: or Instagram @catherinecassidyartist to book and for further details on  upcoming workshop dates.

    © Catherine Cassidy | Artist